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On https://annewritesjustforyou.com/shop you will find my first collection of poems Pathways, plus a selection of stories in various genres.

If you like comedy why not take a look at Numbers and News?   Honest Rogue is for those who like war stories.  Hansel and Gretel is also set during World War 2 in Germany.  Meanwhile, true romantics can tune into A Bird in the Hand, Ice Waltz, Kind Hearts and Camelot or Roses and Thorns.  For those who like the supernatural take a look at Dark Angel, when a knight in decidedly tarnished armour appears on the scene to rescue a young girl left helpless and alone on a dark night.  Who is he?

Or, take a look at my comedy novel for children aged 7-11,  May, Magic and Moonlight based around the classic story of Dick Whittington with a modern twist.  Isn’t this just perfect for May?    There is even an audio book with song tracks on it.

There are even song tracks such as my Vampire Boogie!

As a poet I take an interest in poetry from around the world and have a particular liking for French culture.

At present I am working on a programme of poems in French and English by a leading modern French poet.

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